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Major Cargo Ship Collision In Gujarat’s Gulf Of Kutch Leaves Oil Slick: PRO Defence

Oil Slick In Gulf Of Kutch After Major Cargo Ship Collision

The Gulf of Kutch is one of the main routes for India’s oil trade.


A major collision took place between two cargo ships in Gujarat’s Gulf of Kutch on Friday night, leading to an oil slick in the Arabian sea, Gujarat’s PRO Defence said today.

No casualties have been reported in the collision between bulk carriers MVs Aviator and Atlantic Grace off the coast of Gujarat.

Indian Coast Guard ships in the vicinity have been put on stand-by, while the situation continues to be monitored, said the PRO. A pollution control vessel in the area has also been put on stand-by.

The Gulf of Kutch is one of the primary routes for India’s oil trade, making it a particularly busy sea route that has seen oil spills in the past.

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