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Gel-clear a hit in Australia

AUSTRALIA: The UK-developed Gel-clear natural biocide tablet with a proven ability to prevent biofilm blockages in refrigeration condensate drains has enhanced its growing international reputation with success down under. 

A recent Sauermann Australasia Gel-clear tablet trial was conducted at a store in Sydney, NSW, which had a history of water leaks on the store trading floor.

Each of the condensate pumps at the store regularly formed biofilms stemming from their respective refrigerated case. If the refrigerated case and subsequent condensate pump was not proactively cleaned, this biofilm evolved into thick sludge. The sludge caused the condensate pumps to block, stop operating and resulted in water leaks.

Failure to clean the refrigerated case and condensate pump resulted in the formation of biofilm as a thick sludge

A Sauermann Australasia Gel-clear trial was conducted with the 36 medium temperature cases on the trading floor. It was agreed only five of the worst cases would be trialled initially with Gel-clear tablets.

Gel-clear’s proprietary formula prevents biofilm differently from conventional methods – the Gel-clear tablets dissolve, coating the pipes and drains, preventing the microbes and bacteria from secreting extracellular polymeric substance at a molecular level.

Prior to the trial the store had logged an average of 11 refrigeration service calls a month, costing an average AUS$350.00 (€220.00) each, for the 24 month period between 2016 and 2018. During the six-month trial period, there was a reported 95% reduction in water leaks as a result of the installation of Gel-clear tablets.

The trial results are said to confirm that the Gel-clear product eliminated the majority of issues related to condensation pump failure and leaks. The service call history was drastically reduced from an average 11 calls per month with the use of the Sauermann Australasia Gel-clear tablets.

In this trial, the maintenance call costs could have been reduced by an estimated AUS$40,000 (€25,000) per annum had the tablets been applied to all refrigeration cases. Based on the successful trial it has been recommended that Gel-clear tablets be reinstalled every six months in each of the refrigerated cases.

While this trial was conducted in a problematic store that was fitted with condensate pumps, the tablets are said to be just as effective in reducing biofilms in stores with standard drainage systems not only in commercial refrigeration, but other air conditioning applications such as air handling units, split systems fan coil units.

Launched in 2013, Gel-clear tablets are now protecting 150,000 chillers units across the UK and Ireland. Last year, Gel-clear partnered with condensate pump manufacturer Sauermann to offer the Gel-clear tablets globally.

A case history produced by Australian wholesaler Kirby can be found here.

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