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Freight industry wants to use electric trucks and vans but says government inaction is holding it back

Australia is already well behind in the global race to electrify cars, but truck drivers say they need help to switch over, too.

Just 2 per cent of new car sales in Australia last year were electric, compared with 9 per cent worldwide.

Yet the domestic market for commercial vehicles, like vans and trucks, is effectively non-existent.

The federal government is scrambling to speed up the take-up of electric vehicles (EVs), but the trucking industry says Australia needs to adopt policies that have succeeded overseas — such as less regulation and more support for charging infrastructure.

Mark Hemmingsen, a Canberra businessman who works in the EV industry, says the lack of options is frustrating.

Mr Hemmingsen, who installs EV charging points, had to travel to clients in an old, combustion-engine station wagon until recently.

He finally received an electric van a few months ago.

“Some of the cars that I used to turn up in were embarrassing … so it’s great to have something that’s quite prominent,” he says.

“It makes us stand out, and we can show people that we put our money where our mouth is.”

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