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Dr. Mohamed Ismail joins Engineering and Physics Department at SAU

The Department of Engineering and Physics welcomes Dr. Mohamed Ismail. Dr. Ismail previously served as a faculty member in Industrial Systems Engineering Program, University of Regina, Canada, and at Pennsylvania State University where he taught both graduate and undergraduate courses. He published his research in leading industrial engineering journals such as CIRP Manufacturing Technology and Journal of Manufacturing Systems.

Dr. Mohamed Ismail

Dr. Mohamed Ismail

Dr. Ismail received his BSc of Mechanical Design and Production Engineering and his MSc of Industrial Engineering from Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt.  Later he completed an MBA from the American University in Cairo. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Before pursuing his academic career, Dr. Ismail has held many positions as a research development engineer, operations and purchasing engineer and operations manager.

“We are fortunate to have Dr. Ismail join the Engineering and Physics Department, he brings a unique set of skills and expertise that will come in very handy as we expand our scope beyond mechanical and chemical engineering, and breach out into Industrial Engineering,” said Dr. Abdel Bachri, Dean of Science and Engineering College. “We know that Industrial engineers make up one of the highest proportion of engineers employed in the state of Arkansas, they are found in virtually every industry,” Bachri said. Industrial Engineers focus on bridging the gap between technical management and operations to optimize processes and eliminate wastefulness.

Dr. Ismail’s research interests include Manufacturing Systems Analysis and Design, Smart Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Systems Modeling and Optimization, Supply Chain Management, and Quality Assurance in Engineering and Higher Education. He is keen to turn his research findings into practical software artifacts. He is developing a modern software platform for manufacturing systems analysis and design called FactDesign. FactDesign is a shorthand for factory design. FactDesign has several artifacts that help engineering students some complex concepts using gamifications and a powerful optimization engine where several complex optimization problems could be modeled and solved. FactDesign has several modules for Production Planning and Scheduling, Layout Planning and Material Handling Systems Design, and Lean/Six Sigma.

“I feel privileged to join such a wonderful group of engineering professors at SAU Engineering. My main objective is to help our engineering students to be very competitive and very successful in their future career endeavors. I’m truly excited about my participation in developing the new industrial engineering program at SAU” said Dr. Ismail.

Dr. Ismail will be teaching Engineering Design, Manufacturing Processes, Quality Control, Production & Inventory Control, and other Engineering and Technology courses. He will pursue his research projects in his main areas of interest. He will involve many of SAU engineering students in his research projects/initiatives. He is looking forward to collaborating and building strong relationships with industrial partners at both the manufacturing and service sectors.

Dr. Ismail enjoys in his spare time hiking, traveling, and watching soccer games.

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