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Watch: Sustainable packaging – unwrapping a greener automotive supply chain (EP.2) | Article


This Automotive Logistics Livestream Hour episode focuses on efficiency and sustainability in automotive packaging, featuring packaging experts John Ferry from EV startup Lucid Motors and packaging consultant Rodney Salmon

Building and delivering a sustainable future is now a fundamental element of every automotive manufacturer’s vision, touching all aspects of the business from tailpipe emissions to manufacturing processes and supply chain strategies. Automotive packaging too can and must play an important role in creating and enabling greener supply chains.

Join us as we explore a range of sustainability strategies and technology for packaging and container management through case studies with experts. These wil include how light-weight packaging and load optimisation can reduce CO2 emissions in transport, which new materials are at the forefront of the green packaging revolution, how digitalisation and new technology are helping companies manage returnable packaging and the role of packaging in enhancing intra-logistics and warehousing.

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