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UT Tyler professor explains supply chain woes causing food shortages

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – Food shortages are occurring throughout the country as well as in some grocery stores in Tyler.

UT Tyler Professor Harold Doty explains supply chain woes causing food shortages in East Texas.

Consumers have been having a hard time finding certain items at big supply chain grocery stores such as Walmart. Instead, they are met with empty shelves, isles, and refrigerators. Doty goes into detail about why this is occurring and the best way consumers can respond to this.

“We have a hole in our distribution system. So an addition to shortages of supplies sometimes even where we have supplies, we don’t have enough truck drivers right now. So we cant get good distributed throughout the supply chain like we are accustomed to and that causes the temporary outages and supply shortages like place at Walmart.”

To prevent this shortage from getting worse, Doty encourages consumers to patiently wait for the food inventories to return back to normal, instead of panic buying.

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