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TriEnda Expands Thermoformed Plastic Shipping Solutions

The new TriEnda Small Format Pallet is a durable and lightweight solution perfect for smaller spaces. At only 30″ x 42″ and a lightweight 14 pounds, the nestable design offers convenient stacking and storage, as well as reduced cargo weight resulting in lower shipping costs and ergonomic handling superiority. Performing well in extreme temperatures, the pallet is sanitary, impact resistant, and the top surfaces have an embedded slip resistant material.

TriEnda’s new Delivery Cart is a lightweight handling cart providing functionality and flexibility for use in tight spaces. The robust material platform, collapsible storage transformation, self-storing handle, and smooth wheel operation give store inventory managers and logistics team members’ a perfect tool for unloading and handling products where larger pallets, jacks, and other larger equipment cannot maneuver well.

“Our team of engineers worked tirelessly to come up with a small delivery pallet and delivery cart made of HDPE that is also solid enough to bear the weight of heavy cargo, works well in locations without a loading dock and provides a superior slip resistant surface,” explained Nate Franck, Vice President of Sales. “Thanks to their ingenuity, we now have a strong solution for small format environments that has the impact resistance that holds up to their rigorous cold-temperature environments. After thorough testing and development, we are proud of the distinct approach we used to create a lightweight deck that is more solid than we ever thought possible.”

The TriEnda Small Format Plastic Shipping Pallet and Delivery Cart are available now and ideal for convenience stores, fast food establishments, restaurants, strip malls, and retail spaces without receiving docks.

About TriEnda

Founded in 1975, award-winning TriEnda is one of the largest industrial plastic thermoforming companies in North America and is a leader in material handling and cargo solutions. TriEnda is known for its innovative protective systems and custom products and specializes in heavy-gauge, reusable plastic pallets and shipping containers for material handling and packaging industries. From prototype to production, the company serves a diverse array of self-palletized markets, including automotive, government, grocery, and food and beverage.

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