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Thinking of resetting my new Mini 12 to factory standards…

My new iPhone 12 Mini seems to have quirks. When I got the phone in October, I restored it to my previous iPhone status (all the Apps, etc). Almost every day, I get a request to log into my email accounts (asking for my passwords). Since I’ve been having trouble with email, for a while I was entering my email passwords when these requests popped up. Now I’m wondering if they were a scam to access my tracking or worse. I do get a lot of junk mail. If I were to do the reset to factory and then load the apps I wanted manually, I’m wondering if this will clear up my problems. I also have screen lockups and other squirrelly things going on with both my phone and my iPad.

If I do the factory reset, I realize it’s going to be a PITA installing my present apps. On the other side, I’ve got apps that I never use that I picked up over the years.

Wondering how many others have gone for the fresh install WITHOUT restoring?


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