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The VKS Digital Ecosystem to Reinvent Supply Chain Management

The VKS Digital Ecosystem is a reinvented supply chain solution to let manufacturers enjoy shorter lead times, achieve higher production quality, and just as importantly, less waste. This new package allows companies to improve collaboration and process compliance by sharing interactive work instructions with their suppliers. With higher levels of collaboration between suppliers, process engineers, and management, it’s now easier than ever to achieve a lean and resilient supply chain. The add-on package allows you to instantly act on VKS users’ feedback to avoid time wastage and better allocate company resources.

VKS is a smart factory solution and Industry 4.0 leader through its Digital Work Instruction solution which helps companies standardize best processes, eliminate tribal knowledge and reduce paper on the shop-floor. Create and share step-by-step visual work instructions, collect live quality data through interactive forms and monitor operator efficiency and productivity through real-time reports and KPIs to obtain 100% traceability on all aspects of the manufacturing process. 

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