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If you have a passion for furniture and want to start buying and selling it, then what you need is the right wholesale partner.  Buying up large amounts of furniture and storing it somewhere in the hope of selling it is a thing of the past with the modern internet business model, but the key part of the process is finding the most reliable wholesalers in the UK to partner with.

How does furniture wholesale work?

As a customer, you walk into a furniture store, look around and make a selection.  Or perhaps you browse an online store and choose something that is listed there. On the odd occasion, that item is handed to you.  But in the majority of cases (or all online versions obviously), the item is ordered, and you receive a delivery.

What this often means is that the furniture store doesn’t have that piece of furniture sitting in their warehouse or in the store.  Instead what they have is a furniture wholesale partner who supplies the actual furniture as a customer orders it. The item is then usually shipped from the wholesaler directly to the customer, saving time and delivery costs.  This is known as dropshipping.

Why this model works so well

This model of on-demand business is in use for everything from furniture to self-published books to graphic t-shirts.  The idea is simple – the business selling the product does not need to physically have the stock in their premises to sell it.

By buying from wholesale in this way, you can make savings as a business and offer a fuller range of products for your customers than you could if you could only stock what you have room for.  That’s why there are so many furniture stores that operate on the high street – but don’t have a massive warehouse behind them.

It also allows the expansion into the online world of e-commerce and dramatically widens the number of potential customers your business has.  Rather than needing to have items there beside you to send to customers, you can work with a partner that handles this for you and ensure a prompt and top quality delivery service.

Plus, if you do want to offer an on-site option where you buy a certain number of an item and people can take them as they buy, then traditional wholesale options are still available.  This means you can buy a certain number of an item in one go and make a saving based on quantity bought.

Finding the best UK furniture wholesalers

The key to using either of these business models is to find the right wholesaler to work with.  Here in the UK, there are several excellent companies who offer a variety of wholesale services including the on-demand style and also simple bulk discount purchases.

Baumhaus Furniture Wholesale

Baumhaus Furniture Wholesale offers a range of modern and classic furniture including dining tables, storage options, home office furniture and a range of tables.  They offer the drop-shipping model where you can purchase and have the item delivered straight to your customer with their own specialist delivery provider.

Wholesale Furniture Direct

Wholesale Furniture Direct specialises in Nordic style furniture including sofas, chairs, beds and dining room furniture.  They offer a more traditional quantity discount model that allows you to purchase items and store them yourself for sale.

Online Furniture Wholesaler

Online Furniture Wholesaler offers budget-friendly furniture that arrives flat packed to save space while storing.  They have no minimum order size but don’t offer the dropshipping model, so items do need to be stored ahead of the sale.

The ideal approach

The dropshipping model is an ideal one if you don’t want to keep a large stock of furniture in a location such as a warehouse but still start your business and make sales.  And if you do have a warehouse, many wholesalers still offer the traditional bulk purchase approach.

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