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The future of sustainable procurement

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This week on Off the Shelf,  Steve Schooner, Nash & Cibinic professor of Government Procurement Law at the George Washington University Law School, discusses the future of sustainable procurement.

Headshot of Steve Schooner
Steve Schooner, Nash & Cibinic professor, Government Procurement Law Program, George Washington University

Schooner’s recent October 2020 NCMA Contract Management article, “Warming up to Sustainable Procurement,” highlights the opportunities and implementation considerations around sustainable procurement.

He makes the case for the acquisition workforce embracing sustainable procurement as a cost effective, long term investment for government.  Schooner explains how evaluations can be structured to account for sustainability in the services and products acquired by the government.

In addition, Schooner highlights the variations in procurement policy across the political spectrum and how those difference may manifest post-election.

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