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Supply chain virtual event hosted by EP&T

All supply chains face risks caused by unpredictable events, such as trade wars, natural disasters and data breaches, that often lead to multiple disruptions. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a large scale impact on both demand and supply, exemplifying the need for stronger supply chains.

In an effort to gain clarity in these uncertain times, EP&T Magazine will present a virtual event to discuss these topics this coming Thursday (October 8th at 2p.m. EDT). EP&T has assembled industry experts to share their knowledge in the component distribution field, along with a panel of varied members of the electronics supply ecosystem in Canada. 

Centered around the pandemic’s impact on component supply streams, this virtual gathering aims to deliver a compelling look at the challenges facing industry supply chains. How do we manage current shortages, component sourcing, second sourcing and how to succeed during the ongoing global pandemic.

Session 1 – ECIA

Hosted by EP&T Editor Steve Law, the event will be opened by leading industry voice Dale Ford, chief analyst with the ECIA (Electronic Component Industry Association), who will share the latest research and analysis of the current state of our supply chain, and how its future is likely to unfold over the coming months and years. Attendees will get a first look at the latest statistics, while looking at the drivers of change that have all been accelerated by the pandemic.

During the ECIA session, Ford will share the results and analysis of its latest surveys covering the trends and outlooks for:

  • Component lead times and on-time delivery
  • Health of key stages of the supply chain
  • End market demand for electronics components
  • Quarantine impact of the company workforce
  • Divers of change that have been accelerated by the pandemic

While recent weeks have brought more encouraging news regarding management of the pandemic and renewed economic vigor, significant challenges remain as fears regarding a ‘second wave’ and a ‘stalling’ economy cloud the horizon. These issues will be addressed through insights gleaned from research by key economists engaged in researching the manufacturing industry.

Session 2 – Fusion Worldwide

Attendees will also be privy to a second presentation delivered by Paul Romano, COO of Fusion Worldwide, a trusted sourcing partner specializing in assisting component purchasers overcome their supply chain challenges.

Romano will discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the supply chain, identify some of the disruptions, while providing insights into how past supply chain ‘shocks’ compare to COVID-19’s impact. His presentation will touch on various industry changes, identifying short and long-term effects on supply chains as a result of COVID-19.

  1. Short-term supply chain management
  2. Views of the supply Chain
  3. The ‘new normal’
  4. Long-term industry changes

Romano’s presentation will also provide strategies for managing risk, discussing both short and long-term strategies for better managing risk and preparing for future supply chain disruptions. Each session will be followed by a Q&A opportunity for the listening audience.

Industry Panel

The guest panel is comprised of industry voices which serve as key members of the electronics component supply chain ecosystem, including a contract electronics manufacturer – Mark Wood, CEO of Microart Services in Markham ON; a leading edge design house – Titu Botos, CEO of Neuronic Works Inc. in Toronto.

Also speaking from the electronics front lines will be global component distributor Mouser Electronics, represented by Mark Burr-Lonnon, senior vice-president of EMEA, Asia and global service. Bringing more than 33 years of global distribution experience to the panel, Burr-Lonnon is largely responsible for planning, directing and coordinating Mouser’s global growth and expansion activities. He is based out of Mouser’s headquarters in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

Be sure to register for this informative virtual event taking place on Thursday, October 8th at 2p.m. EDT.



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