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Spokane Co. officials issue isolation order for pasta factory employee refusing to quarantine

SPOKANE, Wash.–36 employees at Philadelphia Macaroni Co. in Hillyard have tested positive for COVID-19, according to Spokane Regional Health.

Another 15 people who don’t work there have tested positive as well after being in close contact with those employees.

But, one employee who tested positive is causing several issues for Spokane Police while also putting the community at risk.

Mordecai Cochrane, 21, tested positive for the virus last week, but says he wasn’t feeling sick since he is asymptomatic.

Instead of self-isolating like health officials asked, he was arrested for drinking and driving twice in five days.

That’s why an order has been issued, requiring Cochrane to isolate at home until May 29. If he refuses to do so, he’ll be arrested for a third time since last Wednesday.

Cochrane was still awaiting his test results when he was arrested on May 20, and was booked at the Spokane County Jail before knowing he had COVID-19.

We don’t know why he was released within 12 hours, but he met police again just five days later on May 25.

That time, he was also drunk at the wheel, only there were five other people in the car with him.

Spokane Police arrested him again, but did not book him into jail. A deeper look into Cochrane’s past showed he actually is awaiting trial in Idaho on two felony rape charges.

He was arrested on those charges last fall in Boundary County, Idaho, but he was released in early March.

Officials haven’t confirmed where exactly Cochrane is right now. He’s not in jail in Washington or Idaho.

Health officials say Spokane Police will now be handling any enforcement Cochrane if he chooses not to comply with their latest order for him to self-isolate.

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