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Rootstock Software® Unveils Alignment of Its 360° Sales & Operations Planning Engine with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud

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Consuming Account-Based Forecasting from Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, Rootstock’s planning engine will generate more accurate plans for production and supply chains

Rootstock Software – a leading provider of cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions built on the Salesforce Platform, designed for manufacturing, distribution and supply chain organizations, and available on the Salesforce AppExchange – today announced that its 360° Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) engine, which is part of Rootstock Cloud ERP, will engage with capabilities from Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud.

Rootstock’s powerful planning engine will interact with the Sales Agreement and Account-Based Forecasting features that Salesforce launched in September as part of its Manufacturing Cloud. This synchronization will help manufacturers create more precise production and supply chain plans.

Rootstock will unveil the power of its planning engine during a Dreamforce 2019 (San Francisco, Nov 19 – 22) session, entitled “Improve Sales & Operations Planning w/ Rootstock Cloud ERP + Manufacturing Cloud” on Nov. 21 and at its booth #630.

“Production planning must start with a 360° view of the customer,” said David Stephans, CRO at Rootstock Software. “With connectivity between ERP and CRM, our clients benefit from a continuous, real-time exchange between sales, finance, and operations. Manufacturers use this information to understand demand, optimize profitability and respond to changing customer needs. Our planning engine takes forecasted sales information, assimilates it against operating capacity and constraints, and generates a well-aligned production plan.”

Rootstock’s Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solution has three primary capabilities:

  1. Provides ERP visibility to sales teams to generate more accurate sales forecasts. Rootstock Cloud ERP provides real-time updates on actual orders, which are consumed into the Sales Agreements held in Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. The resulting 360° visibility allows sales teams to better manage accounts, monitor progress against agreements and predict future ordering volumes. For example, an account manager might notice an account is lagging on agreed-upon quantities, meet with that account and secure increased orders to close ordering gaps.
  2. Consumes and aggregates account-based forecasts for planning. Rootstock’s planning engine will consume and aggregate vetted data from the Account-Based Forecasting feature of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. Updates will occur across a company’s various accounts and products. Forecasts can be compared against existing orders, net current inventory and supplies to generate a go-forward plan for production and procurement. This 360° data and planning alignment process minimizes stockouts and overstocking, while improving lead times, cash flow, revenue and profitability.
  3. Consolidates ERP information on the Salesforce Platform. For companies with multiple ERP systems in different locations or business units, Rootstock’s ERP Data Framework can help consolidate ERP data. Here’s how: Using a tool like MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, ERP data is easily transferred to the Rootstock’s ERP Data Framework on the Salesforce Platform. From this single cloud-based location, account staff can then view ERP data. It updates their Sales Agreements and can be used in ongoing account management. In addition, consolidated ERP data will factor into the appropriate sales forecasts to drive more accurate production and procurement company wide.

“These planning engine capabilities – now aligned with the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud – help to ensure accurate sales forecasts, maximized revenue, and well-orchestrated production plans. We’re essentially providing customers with an ongoing feedback loop between sales and operations, so they continually operate from the same page,” added Stephans.

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