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Nolan Karpinski of VMware Carbon Black on Intrinsic Security and Executive Roundtables

Nolan Karpinski, Senior Manager, Product Management, VMware Carbon Black

It was the breach heard ‘round the world. Last December’s SolarWinds attack got every security leader’s attention and reminded us of the fragility of supply chain security. Nolan Karpinski of VMware Carbon Black addresses these concerns and previews a new set of Executive Roundtables.

In part two of a two-part interview, see Nolan Karpinski, Senior Manager, Product Management, VMware Carbon Black, as he shares strategic insights on how to tackle the year’s top cybersecurity challenges, including:

In part one, Karpinski discusses the impact of digital transformation on specific industry sectors, as well as how to manage tool consolidation in this shifting cybersecurity marketplace.

Karpinski is a Senior Manager of Product Management for VMware Carbon Black Cloud, leading a team responsible for platform scale, integrations and data delivery of all forms. His background is in cybersecurity, as a product manager on Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (Sourcefire) team and then Bracket Computing before being acquired by VMware.

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