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Podcast | Quantum Computing for the Supply Chain: Is It Here Yet? | 2022-08-03

Quantum computing has arrived. But is it mature enough to solve brutally complex supply chain problems?

Global supply chains, with all of their complexity, would seem to be ideal targets for quantum computing. The technology, after all, offers previously unheard-of capabilities and speed of calculation. But is the hardware and software of quantum computing sufficiently advanced to do the job? On this episode, we discuss the state of quantum computing with Christopher Savoie, chief executive officer of Zapata Computing, a builder of quantum software and applications for business. He explains just what quantum computing is, how close it is to reaching its potential, the kinds of supply chain problems that it’s best suited to solve, and the technical barriers that still stand in the way of full implementation. Can quantum algorithms be deployed ahead of the hardware that’s designed to run them? Hosted by Bob Bowman, Editor-in-Chief of SupplyChainBrain.

Show notes:

A blog post from Zapata: “What Does Trucking Have to Do With Quantum Computing?”

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