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Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility for a Company in the Import and Export Industry – SpendEdge’s Latest Supply Chain Management Study

LONDON–()–SpendEdge, a leading provider of procurement market intelligence solutions, has announced the completion of their latest success story on enhancing supply chain visibility for a company in the import and export industry.

Project background

The company wanted to reduce extended credit terms occurring due to excessive demurrage at the US ports of entry. The key objectives of the engagement are mentioned below.

  • Objective 1: The company wanted to provide their customers with accurate and reliable information about the expected arrival of their merchandise.
  • Objective 2: They also wanted to enhance visibility of the customer’s supply chain to reduce expensive rush trucking.
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“Since international trade barriers are slowly narrowing down, companies in the import and export industry need to devise effective supply chain management strategies to stay ahead of the curve,” says a procurement expert from SpendEdge.

Key findings and solutions offered

In collaboration with SpendEdge, the client – an import and export company enhanced supply chain visibility. The solution offered helped them to:

  • Save over EUR 600,000 for the first year itself.
  • Increase their turnover with improved product availability.
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Outcome: To cater to the specific requirements of the client, the supply chain experts at SpendEdge tailored a comprehensive research methodology. The approach included primary and secondary research coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures. The supply chain management solution offered helped the client to gain greater visibility into the supply chain and improve their supply chain capabilities.

To access the complete case study on how we helped an import and export company improve their supply chain visibility, get in touch with our experts here!

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