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PAC: What NCD airfreight cost?


A government contract at the value of K1.6 million to distribute and deliver drugs in the National Capital District has become a concern for the public account committee (PAC) as to why LD Logistics company included the cost of airfreight.
PAC member and Member for Bogia Robert Naguri questioned why the contract awarded for NCD included air freight in its quotations as he showed a copy of the tender bid document before the PAC inquiry last week.
“NCD does not need air transport to deliver medicines, the logistic company simply needs to go and pick up from the Area Medical Store (AMS) at Badilli and deliver to the hospitals and clinics in NCD including some parts of Central Province. “So why does it need a plane to deliver and where exactly will the plane go to?” Mr Naguri asked this question based on some of the documents the committee had received which revealed that more than K600,000 was quoted for air freight while sea and road freight costs more than K280,000.
Mr Naguri questioned Health Department’s corporate manager Paul Dopsie who is a member of the department’s technical evaluation committee as to why TEC failed to check out these details telling him that the contract awarded to LD Logistics was based on a defective bidding document that was misleading. Mr Dopsie could not respond to this, saying he would check the TEC documents and provide a valid report and documents of the contract to the PAC today during the seventh session of the inquiry.

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