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Newest supply chain technology focuses on bringing players together (with video)

Some of the most disruptive companies in the logistics industry came together to show off their latest products and solutions during American Shipper’s first-ever Global Trade Tech summit on Wednesday. 

Companies were tasked with creating quick, engaging rapid-fire demos. With around seven minutes to show off their newest and most innovative offering, these top-notch companies set out to grab viewers’ attention from the start – no PowerPoints allowed. 

Transflo, Turvo and Ocean Insights demoed their products during the morning block.


As supply chain technology evolves, it has become more important than ever to ensure technological solutions are efficient and accessible. Transflo is working to make the digital landscape more streamlined by creating an ecosystem of tools designed to help everyone involved in moving a load – from shippers to drivers. 

Transflo offers shippers a safer and more efficient way to interact with carrier partners, offering electronic bills of lading and proof of delivery. The exchange of documents is done entirely within Transflo’s online terminal. This works to improve communication between partners, as well as streamline internal workflows. 

The company also works to help brokers book more loads in less time via Transflo’s Command Center Carrier Portal. This portal allows carriers to see all available loads without calling the broker. Thanks to Transflo’s TMS integration, brokers get immediate POD access after a load is delivered, helping them get money in their pockets faster.

The TMS integration also gives drivers greater insight into the loads they are carrying, including easy access to carrier instructions and ideal pickup and drop-off times. The ease of communication enabled by Transflo’s mobile app makes it easy for drivers to chat with dispatchers, as well as receive timely safety feedback.

“Transflo’s digital ecosystem connects and gives full visibility to the entire supply chain – shippers, brokers, carriers and drivers,” Transflo Vice President of Product and Innovation Doug Schrier said. “Transflo continues to pave the way into the future, keeping the supply chain moving forward with our all-encompassing solution.”


Turvo understands that the supply chain has evolved into less of a chain and more of an interconnected ecosystem. The company aims to help clients set themselves apart from their peers by creating a whole new customer experience focused on high levels of collaboration, according to Kendall Scott, Turvo’s director of marketing.

The platform aims to help brokers, shippers and third-party logistics (3PLs) companies connect on a shared network. This approach helps to foster collaborative relationships while helping eliminate confusing data silos. 

Turvo customizes and contextualizes its platform for each type of customer, allowing organizations to adopt the technology quickly and understand what they are seeing. The platform allows users to digitize and manage the workflows they care about, providing a more user-focused approach than a traditional TMS. 

“What Turvo creates is a digitized network, shared workflows and the single source of truth from a data perspective,” Turvo co-founder Jeff Dangelo said. “Our customers can now create a better experience for their clients overall – a digital experience where you can solve other problems beyond the transaction of the shipment.” 

Ocean Insights 

Ocean Insights exists to power the supply chain with reliable, predictive and continuous visibility. Currently, the company tracks over 6.5% of the world’s containerized freight. 

When working with different carriers, companies often have to use different models and systems to keep track of each shipment, creating confusion and inefficiency in the supply chain. The lack of visibility can be costly for shippers, leading to detention and demurrage charges, higher sir freight shipping costs due to last-minute rush and crisis intervention fees. Ocean Insights is countering that lack of visibility with a single platform that standardizes information received from multiple carrier partners. 

The platform gives shippers an insight into shipment arrival times, rollovers, possible delays and early arrivals. The dashboard also provides insight into carrier performance, allowing shippers to go into rate negotiations with quantifiable information about past performance.

The platform also offers integration into existing software models, as well as third-party integration support. 

This consolidation of data, partnered with real-time status updates and benchmarking tools, empowers shippers to take their businesses to the next level.

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