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New SSO Resource For IT Ops And Procurement Teams

Here’s how this real-time SaaS management platform promotes security.

FREMONT, CA: The first and most-integrated SaaS Ops platform, Intello, has launched the Friends of SSO resource for IT, Procurement, and Information Security teams. This team will find technology vendors who value security, without trying to profit off of security features. Friends of SSO resource for IT, Procurement and Information Security teams is a free resource that is updated live, featuring a searchable database of all SaaS providers who offer Single-Sign-On (SSO) without charging extra for it. Intello puts the security of its clients first and expects the same from the vendors.

Intello recognizes and pulls in data for more than 1,100 SaaS apps automatically for helping businesses manage the full lifecycle of all of their SaaS applications. Friends of SSO resource pulls the data to the forefront to have an even more widespread impact. The Friends of SSO page is updated in real-time with data from the company’s extensive database of more than 1,100 vendors and identified security policies and offerings. Friends of SSO is a list of vendors who understand and value the importance of security. 

Intello is a real-time SaaS management platform, enabling businesses to discover and manage their SaaS usage, spend, and compliance data. The company is on a mission to create a more transparent SaaS ecosystem. Intello understands that SaaS products have the power to transform the way people do business. The company is building an intelligent end-to-end platform to purchase, manage, and operate SaaS applications. Intello monitors all internal software subscriptions, helping to manage the lifecycle of SaaS apps, reduce wasted licenses, and ensure application security. 

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