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New Online Retailer Launches to Make Finding Fit and Size Seamless – WWD

Launching today, ShopYourFit aims to fix problems that continue to burden brands and online shoppers: wrong fit and returns.

The online platform features a new technology, compatible with Apple and Android phones as well as Chrome OS, to scan users in real-time. The platform’s technology will then use the scans to find a selection of correct size, fit and style.

Unlike other fit technology platforms, with a personalized profile, shoppers will be able to shop directly on the site and filter to see only clothes with a “perfect fit.”

“ShopYourFit was created to improve both the consumer and the brand’s shopping experience. By utilizing our software that accurately measures size and body proportions, consumers can simply share the perfect gifts for them — all with their phone,” said Matias Gath, chief executive officer of ShopYourFit.

Designed with a marketplace that “celebrates differences and prioritizes brands that demonstrate inclusion, diversity and a wide size range,” the company is motivated to include “every body type, regardless of size, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity.”

“We’re fully committed to bringing innovation and technology to the fashion industry and are convinced that fashion commerce cannot be separate from sustainability,” adds Lucas Gath, chief product officer of ShopYourFit. “Our platform not only enhances the customer’s online experience but improves the overall retail process by helping reduce the number of returns and shipping as well as its negative impact on the environment.”

It is reported that 5 billion pounds of retail returns go to waste each year.

The company is also conscious to partner with brands that align with its sustainable values. Currently, the platform allows users to shop with brands such as Suite, Nayali, Yummiewear, Tom Foolery, Carol Chugani, Phat Buddha, Words Count, Maria Mauri and Veritgga.

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