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How NebulARC Is Using AI To Automate The Supply Chain Management


As various regions are discreetly connected for transport, there is an extensive unpredictability as well as dramatic shifts in terms of supply chain management. This offers the businesses bothered about being able to reach their contractual commitments on time. The prevailing situation highlights the critical yet missing dots in the existing supply chain that include various reasons, such as lack of real-time tracking, traceability and visibility.

With the aim of helping companies to orchestrate their supply chains and gain real-time predictive visibility for intelligent decision- making, Gurugram-based NebulARC Technologies is setting a new benchmark in the logistics SaaS space. 

Founded in 2018 by Alok Sharma and Novita Sharma, NebulARC is working with numerous enterprises helping them automate the entire supply chain management. Sharma said, “Today, we enable enterprises across industries like agriculture, pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing, logistics, as well as warehousing space to save huge costs resulting from inefficiencies and lack of real-time visibility across the entire supply chain.” 

Flagship Product

NebulARC ensures profitable supply chains by providing IoT and AI-based analytics for predictive decision-making. Sharma stated, “With these unique technologies, we enable the customers to attain a 24×7 control of goods and assets from the inception of their journey until the final destination through comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management, hence leading end to end visibility and transparency across the entire supply chain.”

He added, “This also helps businesses in forecasting Demand/Supply, First Last mile Dynamic Routing, and Product Freshness Index through ML-based predictive insights. Besides predictive supply chain visibility, we also equip enterprises with an automated virtual assistant that leverages the power of AI to help the companies to automate the entire supply chain and make supply chain management smarter.”

How It Is Different Than Other Products In The Market

To this question, Sharma mentioned some specific points that help NebulARC to stand out from the others-

  • BEO: BEO introduces transparency and traceability across the entire supply chain, helping in Zone and Individual level asset monitoring for enterprises. It provides complete Supply Chain Visibility for physical assets that are either, in transit, stationary or operational via comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management.
  • Insights: The ML-based predictive insights help in demand/supply forecasting, first and last-mile dynamic routing, and product freshness Index. This helps the company to provide easy-to-adopt solutions to industry-specific use-cases.
  • UBICUO: NebulARC also equips its customers with a personalized AI-based virtual assistant.UBICUO can take actions, provide detailed workflows, real-time alert & analytics, and make supply chain management actually smarter. 
  • NAPA: The company uses NAPA software to provide 24×7 monitoring and control of assets, even from remote locations. It provides real-time alerts via single dashboard monitoring, which is highly configurable and beneficial for enterprises.

Use of AI & ML

The company uses classification and regression algorithms to predict the impact of multiple environment variables like temperature, humidity, shock, tilt, vibrations, location, asset type, etc., on the health of the asset and provide actionable insights on how to reduce its impact. In order to enhance operational efficiency at a warehouse, store, and YARD, the system leverages predictive analytics to generate the trend based on the current and historical data.  

NebulARC’s BEO utilises the power of IoT and AI to eliminate the lack of visibility inherent in all supply chain operations. The IoT powered, and AI-driven platform provides complete control of goods and assets, when they are in transit (logistics), at-rest (warehouse and retail), and operations (manufacturing). 

The system uses the optimisation tools to first generate the best route plan for the network and then uses the classification algorithms to generate the best routes for each individual vehicle or asset class.

The company also equip the customers with a personalised AI-based Virtual Assistant and help significantly reduce the risk of theft, pilferage, and other unwanted events such as temperature excursions by providing intelligent alerts and actionable insights.   

Core Tech Stack

NebulARC’s flagship product, BEO, is an ensemble of state of the art IoT tech along with proprietary deep learning algorithms and a blockchain traceability platform. The IoT hardware includes-

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  • Optimised Battery 
  • Beacons for Individual Asset Level tracking 
  • Casing Aesthetics and 
  • Over-the-Air control

The system utilises the enterprise secure Microsoft.Net framework along with the uber flexible MEAN stack. Besides this, they also use real-time processing and enterprise-scale from Azure resources like Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics and Big Data capabilities via HD Insight.

Hiring At NebulARC

Talking about the hiring phase, Sharma said, “We are always looking for candidates passionate about new technologies and out of the box thinkers. Have an eye for innate talent and believe in nurturing talent for our ongoing research and development.”

Future Roadmap

According to Sharma, global platforms operating in the same domain, such as Roambee, FarEye, Locus, Tagbox, etc. can be considered as potential competitors. In terms of business, NebulARC is at the stage of a full-blown execution phase with an eye to clock revenues around $5 million in the next 18 months.

Sharma added, “The sectors we are focusing on are Logistics and Shipping Ports, Cold Chain especially Pharma/Medical Devices, based on the need during the COVID era and Agriculture where modernisation is on the brink in India.” 

“We are currently in talks for our Seed round and plan to raise Series A in the next 12 months. We will use these funds to expand our base around India and lay the foundation for expanding to MENA/SEA within the next 18 months. In five years, NebulARC is targeting to become a global company digitising the global supply chain partners. Currently piloting with few European logistics companies,” said Sharma on a concluding note.

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