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We have been extremely busy here lately working to expand the catalog of coins. Expanding the catalog is the first step to adding pricing, so it’s a critical phase in the process. Over the past two months or so, we have added a number of exciting items, including some pricing. If you have an expertise and/or interest in helping build out the catalog, or supplying wholesale price information, please contact us at [email protected].

New Catalog Entries

1. Early Half Dollars (Overton): We’ve added 775 listings by Overton variety. With the help from our friends at the Bust Half Nut Club (link) we’ve also updated to the latest rarity-rating standards. Pricing has also been added for most items, especially those R1-R5.

2. Morgan Dollars (VAM): We now have 366 different Morgan dollars listed by VAM variety. While this is not the complete listing of VAMs, it does include the most popular ones, often designated as Top 100, Hot 50, and Hit List. We are slowly adding pricing for individual items as time and data permit. 

3. World Coins: Canada: This one is a doozy. We get more requests from users for Canadian coinage listings than any other country. The good news is we are making great progress. Thanks to the help of a major wholesaler of Canadian coins we are also able to add reliable pricing in Silver dollars. Half dollars pricing coming soon.  

Coming Soon:

1. Huge database of world coins: we are excited to make a major announcement in the next month regarding the addition of the majority of world decimal coinage. With this expansion, we will offer the largest catalog of numismatic material anywhere. Stay tuned! 

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