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First containers of Chilean cherries are about to reach Nansha port in Guangzhou

A series of protests began in Santiago, the capital of Chile, when the price of public transport tickets went up. This situation is still not resolved. However, the protests no longer have an impact on the sea freight of Chilean cherries. The first containers full of Chilean cherries are on their way to Nansha port in Guangzhou. Mr. Huang Yulin of Guangzhou Chun Wan Yi Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. recently talked about Chilean cherry export to the Chinese market.

“Chilean cherries had already reached the Chinese market via air freight some time ago, but the first containers of Chilean cherries that will reach China by sea only just left Chile last week. These containers are expected to reach the Chinese coast on December 5th. This is the first time that Chilean cherries will arrive in Nansha port in Guangzhou. In total 12 ships are scheduled to transport Chilean cherries to Nansha port. Among these ships are 4 ships from Evergreen/Hamburg Sud that will depart from San Antonio port in Chile; and 4 ships from HAPAG-LLOYD that will depart from Valparaiso port in Chile. The first ship with Chilean cherries is expected to reach Nansha on December 26th.” Manger Huang also explained that, “every ship carries around 100 containers of Chilean cherries. The overall volume of Chilean cherries expected to clear customs in Nansha in December is around 20 thousand tons.”

“This is the first time that ships with containers full of Chilean cherries are headed for Nansha port. And now a total of 12 ships will arrive in this port within a very short period of time. These 12 ships do not just indicate an increase in the export of fruit from South America to China, but they also point to the great potential of facilities and refrigerated supply chain services in inland port cities. In the eyes of importers and exporters, Nansha is ideally located for transport to the Chinese interior. Furthermore, the service charges in Nansha are somewhat lower than in other port cities.”

Reports show that 8 Chilean fruit traders visited Nansha port district for inspection in September, 2019. They examined the refrigerated supply chain facilities and services. The construction of the Nansha Distribution Center gradually brings more and more fruit traders to this port.

Guangzhou Chun Wan Yi Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is the largest representative for Chilean cherry distribution in Nansha. The company is specialized in services that support international fruit distribution. The company provides services for every segment of the distribution process over land, on sea, and in the air. The company has offices in many of the ports in China and abroad. Guangzhou Chun Wan Yi Supply Chain Management is responsible for around 18 thousand containers per year. “We hope to continue providing excellent, specialized services to a growing number of fruit traders across the world.”

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Luo Sixiao – Market Director

Guangzhou Chun Wan Yi Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. 

Tel.: +86 136 0901 5171 

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