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Adhesive improves Cargill’s shrink wrapping process

As Cargill Malt stacked malt bags for the craft beer industry, the stacks were inherently slick—two bags high on a pallet, in fact. Malt totes that weighed nearly 1,200 pounds and bags were banded to the pallet with a slip sheet and then shrink-wrapped multiple times.

Along with the expense for multiple consumables, Cargill’s end customers reported load instability upon arrival, making unloading a challenge. And, product damage, due to compromised loads, was estimated in the thousands each year.

However, with the introduction of a pallet stabilizing adhesive, along with the use of stretch film, Cargill has been able to eliminate slip sheets and banding in its packaging applications, while also reducing stretch film usage by 50%. The adhesive is non-toxic and water-based, as it secures packages together from the inside out to eliminate products from shifting side-to-side. It’s stronger than stretch wrap and significantly less expensive.

When the adhesive is used in combination with stretch wrap, it’s an effective solution to help reduce costs and raw materials, while also providing maximum package stability. By integrating the adhesive, Cargill has stabilized the inherently slick bags from the center of the load outward, helping to make the shrink-wrapping process far more effective.

At the same time, the adhesive’s inherent properties allow the bags to pop apart easily without tearing the bag or leaving a residue. And its ingredients are approved by the FDA for indirect contact with food, making it an ideal solution for Cargill’s malt bags.

Today, malt bags can be stacked three high, enabling more efficient use of warehouse space. Additionally, Cargill uses fewer raw materials in its packaging application—it’s realized $75,000 savings in raw materials so far.

“We have seen an improvement with our customers’ satisfaction,” says Eric Hanson, plant manager, Cargill. “I am glad we have these systems. I feel [they] will make us better over time [and] give us the chance to operate more efficiently.”


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