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Process for Warehouse Registration under WDRA

Warehouse registration under Warehousing Development and Regulatory Authority (WDRA) is mandatory for individuals instigating a warehouse business. Since its implementation that is on 1st November 2017, a portal for registration is available. Besides that, the portal encompasses the guidelines, rules and responsibilities, alignments in the same, and the instructions for registration.

The homepage of WDRA website
Warehouse Registration at WDRA website
Documents Required for
Warehouse Registration

It is necessary to
submit the following documents with the online application.

  1. Authoriser or Associate Authoriser representative’s photograph
  2. Proof of identity of the applicant (as per Registration of Warehouse Rules, 2017)
  3. Address and identity proof of Authoriser or Associate Authoriser representative
  4. Standard operating procedure
  5. Net-worth supporting documents as proof
  6. Insurance policies copy
Additional document required for Warehouse registration
  1. Warehouse layout plan
  2. Basic Data Storage (Cold storage only)
  3. Proof that depicts the technical standards of the cold storage
  4. Equipment’s list (for the preservation of goods, assaying of goods, and weighing of goods)
  5. Supporting documents proving the safety of the warehouse
  6. Proof of owning the place (rent, lease, or sublease agreement, NOC, revenue sharing proof)

Note, it is always
advised to keep the documents ready before filling the application form.

Registration Fee 

Following the submission of the application, the subsequent step is the payment of the registration fee. Further, this non refundable charge is obligatory for both new registration and renewal. Nevertheless, the fee is accepted only via online payment mode while submission of the application. Accordingly, the fees are as follows:

  1. Warehouses with 10,000 ton or less capacity: Rs 20,000
  2. The warehouses with 25,000 ton or less capacity: Rs 25,000
  3. Warehouses with more than 25,000 capacity: Rs 30,000
  4. The applicant is part of a farmer producer organization or co-operative: Rs 5,000
Process for Warehouse
Registration under WDRA
  1. Following the registration on the website, an application is sent to the authority for registration of the website. Further, sign in to submit the online application form
  2. If the warehouse is a non-individual operative, initially submit the warehouse men application. Upon its approval, proceed with warehouse registration by applying online.
  3. Pay the registration fee online.
  4. Subsequently, upload the necessary documents along with application and fees
Following the Applicant’s Submission
  1. So far, the authority has selected 123 agricultural and 26 horticultural merchandises for issuing NWRs. Moreover, the entire list is easily attainable at the authority website as well as a link is available with the online application
  2. Following the scrutiny and verification of the application, a warehouse inspection is initiated. Additional scrutiny in the warehouse regarding the equipment, infrastructure, and working transparency. Also, most importantly if the warehouse follows all the guidelines to maintain transparency and effectivity.
  3. On clearance, the applicant must produce the security deposit as per the norms set by the authority
  4. Subsequently, on receiving the deposit a certificate of registration is issued.
The procedure along with
general guidelines for Applicant registration
  1. Initially, log into the website for registration, renewal, any alignments, or even updating information
  2. The home page provides the Register button on the right top corner, click on it
  3. Fill the form duly with appropriate information such as name, email, contact number. Subsequently, set a password with a minimum of 8 characters containing a capital letter, a numeral, and a special character
  4. Following that, receive an OTP and proceed with the verification test
  5. Ensuring verification, submit the duly filled application form
  6. On submission, the applicant shall receive a confirmation from the registration portal
  7. Further, the mail id and password will provide login access for WDRA portal from the moment of submission
Point to remember

Even though the general skeleton for filling the application remains the same. There are certain variations in the form of Individual and Non- Individual registration. Further on the same is discussed in detail.

Individual-Warehouse registration 
  1.  Use the login details to log in and click on warehouse registration 
  2. Make sure to click on “Individual” for registration 
  3. Fill in the details on the application form as before 
  4. Following that, save the application by clicking on the ‘save draft’ option. (Note: the form can be saved a few times after updating or changing information when necessary)
  5. In case of any changes, click on the edit application option 
  6. Notice that, the portal will generate a blank statement consisting of the applicant’s information. 
Warehouse information
  1. Next, fill out the warehouse details such as contact details, address (2 lines), State, and PIN code.
  2. Upload the necessary documents (self-attested) regarding the warehouse and similarly the supporting documents for the warehousemen 
  3. Next, is uploading SOP (in case the applicant is devoid of one, the website will aid in generating his/ her SOP)
Insurance information
  1. Once that is done, fill out the insurance details. (Note that, it is an obligation to provide at least three insurance policies like Stock insurance, Break-in insurance, Fidelity guarantee insurance)
  2. Moreover, fill out the details of each policy separately by clicking on + (bottom left side)
  3. Further, select the name of the insurance company 
  4. In case of, a stock insurance select either SFSP declaration or Non- SFSP declaration (if the applicant selects the Non- SFSP declaration category, he must produce the information about the commodities)
  5. Furthermore, it is mandatory to provide the policy number, insured amount, total capacity of stocks, net worth of the warehouse.
  6. Next, upload the documents supporting the details
Warehouse basic
  1. The applicant can register for more than one warehouse. However, he must provide ownership details (lease, own, rental, etc.,) with their corresponding due dates 
  2. Note that the applicant title must have lasted at least three months to accept for registration 
  3. Following that, fill out the name of the warehouse and select the type of warehouse
  4. Next, provide the address along with PIN code and contact details
  5. Subsequently, provide the capacity of the warehouse  
  6. Finally, upload the supporting documents 
Infrastructural information 
  1. Mention the year of establishment and select the construction standard (BIS, CWC, FCI, NHB, NHM, SHM, NCCD, MoFPI, APEDA, State government norms)
  2. Next is the details regarding the security of the warehouse from watchmen (along with the number of guards) to alarm systems 
  3. Following that, State if Whether Lorry Weighbridge (WIB) is present or not. If present, disclose the entire detail regarding the WIB
  4. Notify the presence or absence of fire extinguishers along with the number
Surrounding Details 
  1.  It is mandatory to provide details regarding the jurisdiction police station, distance from the police station, its contact number and STD code
  2. Provide the complete plan of the fence surrounding the warehouse 
Size of the warehouse

Here, mention the number of the godown for storage. Further, provide the length, height, breadth of each godown. Also, the total capacity of the godown must be specified 


List of all the goods and commodities that the warehouse will provide storage to

Equipment and staff details 
  1. List all the assaying and preservation equipment in the warehouse.
  2. List the employee’s ad their designations 
  1. Provide a declaration that suggests compliance with the laws regarding the warehouse 
  2. By choosing the TICK option, the applicant agrees to the terms and conditions
  3. Finally, make a payment of the application fee and the registration process is complete 
Individual- Warehouse
registration Non- Individual Warehouse registration 

Except for an initial
few variations, the registration is similar to Individual- Warehouse
registration. Hereon, the initial few variations are mentioned:

  1. Initially, instead of opting for Individual, select non- individual registration
  2. Further, add warehouseman ID
  3. Here, the authorized representative provides all the necessary details same as above and upload the supporting documents.
  4. Additional details such as name and objectives of the establishment must be disclosed

Further on the protocol
for filling the application like warehouse information, infrastructure, staff,
equipment, surrounding, security, declaration, and the application fee will be
in the same manner

  1. The Warehouse registration certificate is nontransferable
  2. Further, the authority has the right to inspect the unit at any desirable moment without prior notice. Additionally, any fault will lead to cancellation of the certificate 
  3. The certificate is valid until suspended or revoked. Moreover, the form is available on the website in case of loss.
Roles and
Responsibilities of the Warehouse 
Attain the requirements
laid down for registration

This includes
maintaining operative control over the warehouse while following the criteria
set in registration rules. Besides, it is necessary to maintain the minimum net
worth. Also, update to advanced infrastructure and equipment from time to time.
That apart, maintaining appropriate standard procedure, insurance compliance
and updating security deposit are mandatory.

Bear in mind the
depositor’s requirements 

As per the registration
rules, the warehousemen will oblige to Know Your Depositor (KYD) rule.

The compulsions of a
  1. Retaining the quantity and quality of the goods
  2. Issuing NWR for the goods and deliver to the holder. Emphasize the holder to acknowledge the NWR as well as state the receival of goods
  3. Maintain complete records to uphold transparency
  4. Cooperate and provide complete assistance during the inspection
  5. Resolve any loss effectively
  6. Avoid selling and misusing of goods at all costs
The revelation of
necessary Information

In case the warehouse is
subjected to any of the following scenarios, a written letter must be submitted
to the authority specifying the reason.

  1. Submit a letter within 15 days if any managerial person has opted out or been replaced.
  2. Submit a letter within 15 days if any change in ownership
  3. Any change in the net worth of the establishment
  4. In case of a dispute of goods
  5. Problem with the NWR
  6. In case of a change in the location of the warehouse
Disclosure of warehouse
receipt information 

It is important to
submit the report of overall transactions with receipts to the authority.
Accordingly, the receipts must cover:

  1. The total number of receipts
  2. An account of all the goods in the warehouse
  3. Approximate market value the goods present along with their receipts from the warehouse
  4. The NWR linked with the bank and financial establishments

Further, Additional functions of the warehouse are to issue warehouse receipts and register under e-negotiable warehouse receipt (NWR) repository.  

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