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ADF introduces world-first real-time live fire range safety tool

The ADF has concluded procurement of an enterprise license of SAF-FORESIGHT from SimCentric Technologies, with multi-year support and additional funded development.

SAF-FORESIGHT is SimCentric’s 3D range safety, planning, visualization, risk assessment, analysis and safety intervention tool supporting doctrinally correct live fire collective military training.

Built over two years as a collaborative partnership with ADF subject matter experts, SAF-FORESIGHT is focused on the mitigation of fratricide risk in live fire training. The tool creates permanent and temporary surface danger zones and reduces the risk to soldiers through real-time geolocation, geofenced range danger areas, common operating picture, and automated safety alert prompts for commanders. 

SimCentric has also partnered with the ADF to conduct a successful live proof of concept, which utilised advanced algorithmic modelling to analyse geolocated troops during the live fire execution phase of an exercise.

The system provided automated preventative warnings where fratricide risk increased beyond acceptable thresholds.

“What is unique about SAF-FORESIGHT is the ability to apply doctrinally correct live fire templates not only in the planning phase, but also throughout the conduct and after action review phases,” SimCentric Vice President Gareth Collier said. “When matched with our advanced predictive modelling identifying key fratricide risk precursors and automatic generation of risk alerts, this enables commanders to immediately identify escalating risk and intervene before a catastrophic event occurs.

“Ultimately, we must ensure that soldiers conducting military training come home safely.”

The ADF is now introducing SAF-FORESIGHT into service in a world-first application of an interative, real time live fire training risk reduction technology, ADM understands.

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