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A Surgical Equipment Manufacturer Develops a Robust Market Expansion Strategy and Tackles Supply Chain Challenges | Infiniti’s Recent Success with Market Forecasting Solutions

LONDON–()–Increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, rising population, and wider acceptance of aesthetic surgical procedures have propelled the growth of the surgical equipment market. With more surgical procedures taking place, the demand for surgical equipment manufacturers is rising steadily. However, to successfully expand in a market with stringent regulations and increasing competition, companies require a clear understanding of their market and a comprehensive idea of changing market dynamics, market growth, and potential opportunities. Therefore, industry leaders leverage Infiniti’s market forecasting solutions, develop more robust strategies, and improve their overall performance. To leverage Infiniti’s market forecasting solutions for comprehensive insights into the upcoming market dynamics and opportunities of the surgical equipment manufacturing market, request a free proposal.

“Market forecasting is an essential process for companies in a dynamic, rapidly growing, and essential market. Therefore, industry leaders worldwide are leveraging market forecasting solutions to gain insight into upcoming changes and developments in the surgical equipment market,” says a surface disinfectants market expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a surgical equipment manufacturer, sought to expand their operations in the United States but struggled to clarify supply chain challenges and stringent regulations. The manufacturer required an in-depth understanding of the United States surgical equipment market, upcoming trends, and industry developments. Additionally, changing regulations and uncertainty in the market were hampering the client’s market expansion strategy. Therefore, the surgical equipment market player chose to leverage Infiniti’s expertise in offering market forecasting solutions. During the seven-week engagement, the surgical equipment manufacturer also wanted to identify potential changes in their consumer segments, track future trends, mitigate potential risks, and understand government regulations.

Our Approach:

Infiniti’s market forecasting experts developed a comprehensive four-phased approach to help the surgical equipment market player. The engagement included the following:

  • Conducting in-depth primary and secondary research including comprehensive interviews and compiling information from reliable secondary sources
  • An industry trend analysis helped the client identify upcoming trends, and pre-emptively strategize for them
  • Identifying supply chain risks and developing risk mitigation strategies by working closely with the manufacturing team
  • Procuring and evaluating data regarding market growth by analyzing sales revenues and assessing potential buyers in the market

Speak to industry experts to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how Infiniti’s market forecasting solutions help surgical equipment market clients develop comprehensive and robust market expansion strategies.

Business Outcome:

Infiniti’s market forecasting solution helped the surgical equipment manufacturer develop a market expansion strategy with data-driven recommendations and in-depth insights. The client identified upcoming trends and developed plans to capitalize on them or mitigate potential risks. The manufacturer also developed more precise decision-making strategies and understood their market. With the insights and recommendations gained from the market forecasting engagement, the surgical equipment manufacturer developed an unparalleled market expansion strategy. Lastly, the client expanded their offerings, tackled supply chain complexities, and established a strong foothold in the new market.

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