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500 Escambia County Seniors Receive COVID-19 Vaccinations In First Large Scale Event :

The first members of the general population  in Escambia County received the COVID-19 vaccine Sunday. Vaccinations were given to about 500 preselected underserved adults 65 and older at the Brownsville Community Center.

It was part of a pilot program from the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Division of Emergency Management to test the most efficient way to distribute the vaccine. The adults receiving the Modenra vaccine were chosen in advance by the FDOH, and they will return for a required second dose on Sunday, January 31.

Emergency Manager Eric Gilmore said Escambia County  was chosen by the state to host a closed “point-of-distribution” known as a POD. That’s why residents were required to have a voucher to receive a vaccine Sunday. County leaders had six days to put their plan together and distribute the vouchers.

“It’s exciting that we were chosen to do this,” Gilmore said. “It’s a monumental task, but we were honored to be able to do this for the community and help the state of Florida out and show them if this is going to work.”

Florida residents age 65 and older are the first from the general public to receive the vaccine under and order from Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The health department in Escambia County has an online form for people age 65 and older to request an appointment to received the COVID-19 vaccine at a future time. For the appointment request form, click or tap here. Residents are asked not to call or walk into the health department for the COVID-19 vaccine. The form only asks for a name and phone number. The health department has not said when they will contact interested individuals 65 and older, or how an appointment can be requested without internet access.

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