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50-50 Factory Outlet store in Fond du Lac closing

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WBAY) – After bringing joy to shoppers in Fond du Lac for three-plus decades, a popular party supply store is set to close. The 50-50 outlet store, with four locations across the state, is going out of business.

50-50 has been in business for nearly 40 years, more than 35 of those included a location in Fond du Lac. According to the owner, Scott Lystrup, “We’ve got lots of great staff that have been with us through the years, customers have been fantastic down there, and they’ve supported us through thick and thin – good and bad. So, we’re just so appreciative of everyone who has supported us through the years.”

But, after a couple of tough years, the party supply store’s owner has decided it’s time to close all four of his locations in Eau Claire, Schofield, Janesville, and Fond du Lac.

Scott Lystrup says, “It’s just been multiple strikes against us and against everyone. The economy, the COVID when we were shut down for a while that was tough, helium shortage, cost of goods, just everything stacking up in the wrong direction, just kind of want to get out while we can hold our heads up high.”

The Fond du Lac store was about so much more than the novelty items it sold. Employers say they truly did celebrate with each and every customer that came in to shop.

General manager Casey Mueller says, “The customers come in here so happy. They’re so excited to talk with you about their weddings or their upcoming celebrations. Just excited to see the customers go through these different phases in their lives. They’re planning a wedding and then they’re planning a baby shower and you get to kind of go with them all along the way.”

The store was closed on Tuesday so staff could prepare for the liquidation sale, which starts on Wednesday. And while the closing is a bit bittersweet, they’re excited for one last hurrah with customers and a community they’ve been honored to serve. Mueller adds, “How could you be sad here, though? How could you be sad? We get a little upset or emotional about it, we’ll go pop off some confetti cannons or do something to brighten the mood.”

The store doesn’t have an official closing date, the owner says he has lots of inventory and fixtures — down to the bare walls – that he plans to sell before locking the doors for good. And he encourages people to visit the 50-50 website for more information on sale deals.

It’s the end of an era for party supplies in Fond du Lac

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