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1933 Ford Hot Rod Is a Factory Five Special

This January, as we move through our Ford Month coverage, we’ve had a bunch of high-profile hot rods crossing our screens, from the rare, copper-painted 1933 3-Window to the 1932 American Graffiti tribute. But there are countless others out there, still waiting to be discovered and given their fifteen minutes of fame.

Today we chose to do that with another 1933 Ford hot rod, a Massachusetts-born build handled by a shop called Factory Five – one of SEMA’s regulars, and a garage that seems to have been in the hot rod business since forever, but with a twist.

Factory Five does all this hot rod thing – and more, check out their website for details – using car kits. That means if you’re feeling up to it, you too could buy such hardware and put it together for all the world to admire.

This here hot rod is a kit car too. Titled as a 1933 Ford, it was put together back in 2010, using the Factory Five-supplied kit, air-conditioning with heat, power windows, full fenders (this is not a full open-wheel), and custom wheels, among others.

The engine fitted on it is a rebuilt 4.6-liter V8, and it works in conjunction with a 5-speed manual transmission and a Ford rear.

Now, one complete hot rod kit from Factory Five is worth $19,990, and it includes the frame, body, and complete suspension (front and rear); pretty much everything you’d want from a car, with the exception of the engine. Because this one is already assembled and fitted with a powerplant too, the asking price is $54,900.

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