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12 J.Crew Factory Sale Picks for Men 2021

According to my calculations we’ve been working from home for the last (checks math) ten thousand years. But now, with the more and more people receiving inoculations, it looks like we’re finally rounding the corner into something resembling a halfway normal world. Where there was once darkness there is light. Where there was once virus there is now vaccine. And where there were once sweatpants there will soon be stylish fits. Pack your bags boys, we’re heading back to the office.

I, for one, am STOKED for this because we need separate spaces for work and for home. When your bedroom doubles as your desk (and your cafeteria and your daycare center), you kind of never get unplugged and always feel stressed out. Personally, it not only gives me reason to fly from my home on the west coast to NYC to have overdue drinks with my favorite Esquire staffers and pester them about the fashion in films like La Dolce Vida (hi Nick!) but it also gives me an opportunity to seriously punch up my wardrobe with a much needed refresh.

The perfect resource for that is the J.Crew Factory’s sale. The Crew is offering up staples (denim! chukkas! button-ups!) that feel both timeless and fresh at prices that will leave enough leftover cash to comfortably pick up a bar tab later. (Remember those?)

Floral Slim Flex Casual Shirt

J.Crew Factory


Out: button-ups so boring that they put coworkers into comas. In: button-ups with exciting patterns that coax out the quality in colleagues.

Short-Sleeve Slim Printed Casual Shirt

J.Crew Factory


This is the shirt that playfully peeks out of a blazer and tells the world, “Yes, I too like to party after my TPS report has been stamped.”

Khaki Trench Coat

J.Crew Factory


You know that time of year when it’s a little too warm for a winter jacket but is not quite cotton blazer season? That’s when the Fit Gods practically command you throw on a khaki trench.

Dalton Rain Jacket

J.Crew Factory


Facts: it’s going to rain this spring and it’s going to rain hard. Toss on a jacket like the Dalton and you won’t step off the street looking like an extra from Titanic.

Slim Textured Cotton Crewneck Sweater

J.Crew Factory


Layering is how you combat insane spring weather. Will it rain? Will it snow? Will it be a balmy 72 for absolutely no reason? Who knows! Think of this crewneck as the foundation for every great spring fit that can handle any atmospheric condition.

Cotton Chore Blazer

J.Crew Factory


We love chore coats at Esquire. We also love blazers. If only there was a hybrid jacket that incorporated the best qualities of both…

Slim-Fit Jean in Rinse Wash

J.Crew Factory


Your go-anywhere, do-anything, appropriate-for-just-about-any-occasion denim has arrived.

Straight-Fit Flex Jean in Medium Wash

J.Crew Factory


There are some scenarios that call for serious jeans. There are some scenarios that call for casual jeans. Then there are scenarios in the middle that call for these medium-wash jeans.

Suede Desert Boots

J.Crew Factory


If there’s a pair of boots more comfortable and more versatile than these suede desert boots, we’d certainly like to hear about it.

Explorer Canvas Lace-Up Sneakers

J.Crew Factory


The perfect pair for casual Friday. Or casual Monday. Or casual Wednesday.

Non-Medical Face Masks (3-Pack)

J.Crew Factory


We’re going to be wearing face masks for the rest of 2021 and maybe into 2022. You should strap on something that’s just as stylish as your outfit. (And can be tossed in the washing machine later. Mask funk is REAL, guys)

Square-Frame Aviator Sunglasses

J.Crew Factory


If aviators can be the go-to shades for fighter pilots, guys named Clooney, and POTUS, they can be your go-to shades too.

Washed Critter Baseball Cap

J.Crew Factory


Consider the lobster…embroidered on this ballcap.

Canvas Tote Bag With Leather Straps

J.Crew Factory


Are you still schlepping your laptop to work in a backpack like you’re back in middle school? Maybe it’s time for a Big Boy Bag. Preferably one made from canvas and leather that looks better and better the more you beat it up.

Tie-Dyed Socks

J.Crew Factory


When you want to show people you’re secretly a hippie without actually telling them you’re secretly a hippie.

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