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WISER Systems, a developer of innovative ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless location and tracking systems, has joined the UWB Alliance (UWBA) as its newest member.

UWBA’s mission is focused on providing a favorable regulatory and spectrum management landscape to accelerate UWB growth. Its work includes helping accelerate UWB growth, promoting the benefits of UWB technology deployments, and facilitating international utilization through the expansion and adoption of UWB standards worldwide. UWBA is at the forefront of wireless innovation, guiding the industry’s shift to spectrum sharing in a wireless multiverse and providing thought leadership on strategies to “make it all work together.”

“We are excited to welcome WISER Systems to the UWB Alliance and look forward to their valuable contributions to our thriving community of UWB stakeholders” said Kelli Emerick, UWB Alliance Executive Director.

“UWB technologies are becoming more and more well-known at the same time they become increasingly critical,” said WISER CEO Dr. Elaine Rideout. “We’re thrilled to be joining with the many other innovators in the UWB Alliance, especially as we see UWB fulfilling the crucial micro-location needs of industry.”

UWB has gained wide public attention in recent months. Both Apple and Samsung have introduced UWB into mobile phones, and other organizations are now using UWB technologies for keyless car entry, contact tracing, asset location and tracking, and many other location-based services. WISER joins the UWB Alliance as one of an increasing number of organizations focused on developing UWB products that solve real-world problems.

“UWB is a core competency for WISER’s team,” Rideout said. “We’ve been working and innovating in this space almost since our inception, and our Locator solution especially demonstrates what we’ve learned—and what we can contribute. This is clearly a technology with massive potential, that is already streamlining industrial applications in the real-world. The fact that it’s production-ready and can scale to any size roll-out is what we’re most excited about showing the world.”

Early adopters of WISER’s UWB real-time location system include world leaders in automotive manufacturing, aerospace, retail, and logistics.

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