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Willmott Dixon targets zero carbon sites and supply chain

The contractor been a carbon neutral business since 2012 but has now set more ambitious targets under its new ‘Now or Never’ strategy.

The strategy is split into three themes  Brilliant Buildings, Building Lives and Better Planet.

Other targets in the strategy include:

  • 100,000 trees to be planted by 2030
  • 1,000 people who face major barriers to finding work will be supported in finding long-term careers
  • All buildings and major refurbishments will be delivered with net zero embodied carbon by 2040 (with a net reduction in embodied carbon of 55% by 2030 compared to business as usual in 2020)
  • Improving the lives of 100,000 people through a series of interventions by Willmott Dixon people

Group chief executive Rick Willmott said:  “We’ve set some ambitious targets, some of the toughest for the construction sector, as we feel that now is the time for bold action if we are to bequeath future generations a planet not suffering from the consequences of past inaction in tackling the causes of climate change, but instead is one that they can live and thrive in.

“In laying out our road map for the next decade, we are also setting out how we are going to work with customers, supply chain partners and industry colleagues in creating a carbon free construction sector, as this is an issue that impacts on everyone, and we’ll need to work together to achieve our common aspirations for a ‘greener’ built environment.”


Grant Prior

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