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Why Companies in the Pharma Industry Need to Improve the Procurement Process? Read SpendEdge’s Article for Exhaustive Insights

LONDON–()–SpendEdge, a leading provider of procurement market intelligence solutions, has announced the completion of their latest article on the imperative need of the procurement process in the pharma industry.

Companies of today are opting for better procurement management to save costs and remain competitive in the marketplace. Procurement not only enables to cut cost but also reduces and optimizes resources, thereby boosting the efficiency of the pharma companies. Moreover, it helps the firms to address challenges such as the demand for generic drugs and personalized medicines, rising research and development cost, and expensive clinical trials while improving the profitability.

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Why Should the Pharma Industry opt for Better Procurement Practices?

Driving innovation

Innovation in procurement and sourcing processes helps companies to realize savings opportunities. It allows the creation of innovative incentive models for suppliers to reach new markets via new sales channels. Ensuring spend control and collaboration across divisions with the supplier network also helps companies to create more opportunities for drug innovation.

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Collaboration across business functions

Business managers often look to outsource the process of performing clinical trials to a capable strategic partner. However, they do not prefer to rely on procurement teams for such decisions. Taking insights from the procurement team allows companies to find the best partner and negotiate better terms that can drive the overall performance as well as the output.

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Managing indirect spend

Indirect spend categories such as IT, MRO, office supplies, travel, logistics, and marketing account for millions of dollars. Such spends can be saved by implementing procurement best practices. Pharma companies can also improve savings from indirect spends and meet regulatory requirements by improving the procurement process.

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