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Watch on Friday: RailFreight Live

On Friday 12 June, we start with RailFreight Live. In this weekly broadcast our editors will discuss the latest news, combined with studio interviews, exclusive reports and commentary from worldwide experts.

The first broadcast takes place on Friday 12 May at 1pm CEST and from that day onwards, it will be a part of our repertoire. The broadcast can be seen at any time afterwards on the YouTube channel of And every Friday, our team will bring fresh content.

Where to watch?

Railfreight Live will be broadcasted via YouTube Live. When the broadcast is on air, the website will automatically lead you there, so it cannot be missed. The show takes 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, it can be found on the YouTube channel. In order to be on top of it, we recommend subscribing to this channel.

Do you want to participate? If you have an interesting topic you would like to share, you can email this to The same goes for appealing footage. It does not matter where you are based, we have the technology to bring you into the studio wherever you are.

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