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UK and US law firms join forces for free webinar on conducting transatlantic business

Stuart Haynes, partner and head of Aaron and Partners’ specialist international team
Stuart Haynes, partner and head of Aaron and Partners’ specialist international team

The free event will bring together a panel of legal and accounting professionals from both countries with speakers from Shrewsbury-based legal firm Aaron and Partners, Ohio-based legal firm Wegman Hessler and accountancy firm Dyke Yaxley, which has offices in both the UK and US, as well as world-renowned guests.

Stuart Haynes, partner and head of Aaron and Partners’ specialist international team, will also be joined by guest speaker Michael Weidokal, an expert in international economics, global trade and political risk.

Taking place on Thursday at 4pm and being attended by businesses on both sides of the Atlantic simultaneously, the event is the first in a series of three webinars which aim to provide advice to businesses on US and UK trade opportunities. The first session will focus on the global economic outlook and will explore the impact this has on international business strategy.

Mr Haynes said: “The global economy has been crippled by the events of this year, with the coronavirus pandemic causing the largest global recession in history. On top of this, the UK economy has had to face the consequences of Brexit, whilst in the US they’ve endured a period of political unrest.

“However, now is the time for businesses to look ahead and explore the many positive opportunities that will be arising. The UK has, and will continue to, trade with many countries outside of the EU, and the US has proved to be a strong partner and we expect that relationship to become even stronger in the years ahead.”

Mr Weidokal is renown as one of the world’s leading experts and sought-after keynote speakers focused on issues that are impacting the global economy and the international business climate.

“It’s an honour to have Michael Weidokal as a guest speaker for this session – he has an impressive reputation and his insights into the issues impacting the global economy will be invaluable.

“Together with Wegman Hessler, we’ll be providing practical advice and insights into the legal aspects of international trade from both a US and UK perspective, as well as offering expert advice on financial and tax planning from the team at Dyke Yaxley,” Mr Haynes added.

The event is of particular interest to businesses already operating in or considering entry into the UK/US market. To find out more or reserve a space on the webinar visit

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