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Twyford’s Procurement Changes Are Insane

The New Zealand Taxpayers’
is slamming changes
to procurement rules
as compulsory
mission creep.

Union spokesman Louis
Houlbrooke says, “If the Government wants to improve
outcomes for particular demographic groups, it can do this
with existing targeted programmes.”

“Trying to
shoehorn social justice and sustainability goals into all
other day-to-day spending is an insane idea. It doesn’t
just add a new layer of bureaucracy to procurement – it
sidelines the goal of delivering value for

“This move from Phil Twyford embeds
mission creep in every government department, forcing
bureaucrats to consider issues far outside their expertise,
distracting them from core services. This will ultimately
result in lower quality services for taxpayers as the best
service providers lose out to those that tick the right

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