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The PS5 download problem forces some users to perform a factory reset on their consoles

Some PlayStation 5 Users report that they were forced to perform a factory reset on their consoles to resolve the download queue issue.

In the past two days since the launch of the PS5 in North America and other parts of the world, many PS5 buyers have said IGN And Videogames Chronicle Some PS5 games get stuck in their PS5 ‘limbo’ while ‘queuing for download’. Apparently, the PS5 seems to be downloading some PS5 games when they are not actually there, resulting in query titles not playing.

This issue is going on with many headings Spider-Man Remastered, Demons Souls, Sackboy: A Big Adventure And the Disney + app also seems to be happening quite often Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Its value is that I experienced this problem last night while trying to download the ‘Cross-Gen Bundle’ The Cold War (Actual game impressions are coming up next week). With this bundle, you are eligible for the PS4 and PS5 versions of the first-person shooter.

From The PS5 angrily downloads the PS4 version of the game by default, I had to queue the PS5 version manually. The problem is, when I really tried to do that, the PS5 gave me a little ‘!’ Offered. Icon to indicate that there is an error. Clicking on it brought me to a blank ‘Downloads / Uploads’ window, which usually showed a title under ‘Downloads / Copies’, ‘Uploads’ or ‘Errors’.

As a result I got stuck with the PS4 version‌ The Cold War. To get out of this, I finally started a factory reset (after confirming that all my data was backed up by PlayStation Plus cloud storage) and I was able to download the PS5 version. The Cold War Once my console is set up again.

Of course, this is a very laborious alternative, especially if you have multiple games and / or apps that need to be downloaded again. Unfortunately, this is the only solution currently known and Activision activity The Cold War Customers try.

Let’s hope Sony releases a system update soon to fix this.

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