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Textbook distribution process filled with hassles: Teachers | Coimbatore News

Coimbatore: While it’s the duty of block education officers to send textbooks directly to schools, a group of government schoolteachers said that they were made to collect third term textbooks for classes up to eighth that were distributed recently.
Though the State government gives fund to the school education department to send the books to schools, officials asked them to collect the books in person, the teachers said. It caused inconvenience as teachers from rural areas had to travel long distances to collect them.
A teacher from the Pollachi education district said block education officers have been asking them to collect the textbooks in person. “Teachers shouldn’t be asked to do his job. While some teachers from a panchayat union in Pollachi questioned the move, the official sent the books only to that region. But in other areas, teachers had to go and collect the books themselves. While the State gives fund to the department to distribute books to schools directly, we are being made to collect them in person,” she told TOI.
An official of the school education department said they had asked some teachers or any other authority from schools to come and collect the books to ensure accountability. “If we send the books in trucks, we don’t know whether they would reach the schools safe. There were instances when the truck drivers reached some school to find no one there to collect the books. We wanted to avoid such hassles. We pay for the logistics,” said the official.
Meanwhile, the teachers said the distribution system is full of hassles. “The books and notebooks don’t arrive at one go. Several times, we have to travel at least 10 times to get the books that arrive late. This causes severe inconvenience,” said a government schoolteacher, who is a member of the Tamil Nadu High and Higher Secondary School Graduate Teachers Association (TNHHSSGTA).

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