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Supply chain issues Moji puppy Gatorade and more

11Alive’s Jerry Carnes runs down some of the unexpected items that could be harder to find this holiday season.

ATLANTA — December is here now, and that means a lot of trips to the store to prepare for the holidays – but many Americans are finding more empty shelves thanks to ongoing supply chain issues.

High-tech pets are one item that’s a popular gift, but could be harder to find because of demand and supply chain issues.

For example, Moji the loveable labradoodle is a lifelike pup that responds to voice commands by wagging its tail, tilting its head and speaking. But representatives of the company that makes Moji said that due to supply chain issues and the nation’s chip shortage, shoppers may have a hard time finding Moji on store shelves.

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It’s the same story with Tiny TV Classics, a mini television that plays classic shows and movies.

If your exercise routine is followed by a bottle of Gatorade, you might be lacking this holiday season. According to the Consumer Brand Association, there’s about a 19% chance that your local grocery store will be out of the sports or energy drink you want due to supply chain issues.

Grocery stores are also struggling to keep frozen baked goods on the shelves. There’s a 15% chance you won’t find the cookies or crackers you want for your holiday party. The Consumer Brand Association said there’s an equal chance you wont find the carbonated beverage you desire.

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Supply chain issues have also impacted prices at the store. The Consumer Brand Association said wheat products are up 53% in price since last September, while meat, poultry and fish are up 28%.

Half of all Americans say they’ve encountered an empty shelf instead of the item they’ve wanted sometime in the past few months.

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