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Sugar Factory unveils colorful new breakfast menu to celebrate relocation – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Which begs the question: who are they? And how can they be so sure?

At least in the case of Sugar Factory on South Beach, they’re elevating their breakfast game with some attention-grabbing menu items.

New menu, who dis?

Sugar Factory has moved a block on Ocean Drive. With their huge new location comes a new breakfast menu on weekends.

Abraham Taylor, Sugar Factory: “New space, same concept, right? Same great concept. It’s a fun, exciting menu, very colorful, a lot of really cool options mixed in with some classic breakfast items.”

How’s this for colorful? Insane double stack rainbow pancakes. Wow. They’re inspired by Sugar Factory’s famous rainbow sliders.

Abraham Taylor: “It’s something that’s fun. It’s exciting. It was a no-brainer that we extended that concept into the breakfast menu as well.”

We’re just gonna take a moment to appreciate this syrup drizzle.

There’s also a crispy chicken and waffle sandwich.

Estefania Piccolo: “It was great. It had like chicken, egg and hash brown. It was excellent. With the maple syrup? It was the best.”

Or how about going all in for your cheat meal and getting a donut burger?

Abraham Taylor: “Probably not the best thing to eat all the time, but if you come to Sugar Factory, you definitely have to get it at least once.”

We haven’t even gotten to the drinks yet.

Never mind the usual bottomless mimosa refills. Sugar Factory has a mimosa goblet!

Abraham Taylor: “It’s pretty much a bottomless mimosa, as large as it is!”

Carlos Escheverria: “This is the bottom of the bottom, because this thing is huge. Even though it’s a mimosa, you can actually have a kick on it.”

Of course you can! (Please drink responsibly.)

They also have a watermelon piña colada featuring Bruno Mars’ Selva-Rey Rum, and even an option to build your own Bloody Mary.

Abraham Taylor: “People have different flavor profiles that they enjoy, so it gives the customer the ability to spin it into a way they like it a little bit more.”

Sugar Factory hopes all this will have you stopping by earlier in the day.

Abraham Taylor: “We’ve been known for lunch and dinner at our locations, but now this is just another option for people to come down and try and experience what Sugar Factory has to offer.”

Sugar Factory has limited quantities of those rainbow pancakes, so be sure to make reservations and get there early!


Sugar Factory

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