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ST. LOUIS, July 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — President and Managing Director of VALYNT, Charles Smith ( officially announced an agreement with ESSCO to supply Saudi Aramco, the oil industry giant, with innovative, patent-pending agents that reduce friction, control viscosity, and improve pipeline material logistics at all midpoints in the distribution chain. Bringing decades of petroleum industry experience, the Missouri-based firm specializes in additives to enhance crude oil production and refinement, along with biofuel production, iron/steel/aluminum production, battery manufacturing, as well as supply line logistics for both government and private sector interests. VALYNT’s flagship product, VX-25, is a hybrid additive package that catalytically optimizes heavy and medium crudes for energy improvement.

“We are incredibly proud to announce our role in helping Saudi Aramco power the world,” said Smith. “In addition to a wide variety of innovative chemical technologies we’ve pioneered, we’ve also reworked supply chain logistics at a computational level entirely impossible just 10 years ago – adding low-cost, lightspeed virtual solutions to the age-old problem of supply-chain logistics. We’re dramatically lowering real-world costs for our partners and doubling the delivery efficiency of critical raw materials and products, from oil to steel.”

Already a revolutionary in the industry, VALYNT is at the forefront of radical and disruptive supply chain technology, with agile implementation of non-toxic petroleum chemical additives and technical process enhancements that reduce not only the coefficient of friction and costs, but also the environmental impacts of getting fuel out to the world. Other services provided by VALYNT include:

  • Carbon Products: Metallurgical coke applications, supplying foundry coke, blast furnace coke, and nut coke to steel and smelting industries.
  • Logistics: Complete management of shipping and receiving of carbon, scrap metals, and petrochemicals, end to end.

For the latest VALYNT products and detailed company information, go online. Or follow VALYNT on social media: LinkedIn.


One of the fastest-growing supply chain companies, VALYNT provides high-efficiency oilfield additive products in bulk quantities at less cost. And VALYNT’s bulk materials division services a wide variety of aggregate and raw materials users globally, including iron and steel production, oil refineries, and zinc and copper smelters. VALYNT’s logistics department manages shipping and receiving of all VALYNT movements including carbon, scrap metals and petrochemicals, improving the supply chain from the source to the destination – saving companies time and money. VALYNT partners include Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Oil Company, Kataman Metals, ESSCO – Energy Supply & Services Company, Alton Steel Inc. and Liberty Steel and Wire. Learn more at:

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