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Squire’s Rising Star KATY SPICER Talks “Natural Disaster” Credit Reporting in the Face of CARES/HEROES and the COVID 19 Pandemic – TCPAWorld

I love working with such a powerful, diverse and talented team.

Just yesterday my pal Glenn broke down the big credit reporting changes that might be on the horizon if HEROES becomes law–it passed the House yesterday evening BTW— and explained why the Act’s requirements shutting down delinquent reporting due to COVID 19 might be unworkable.

In addition to that great coverage, the firm’s Katy Spicer–a real up and comer– took to the “airwaves” last week and joined a  well-credentialed panel to discuss the technicalities around METRO-2 reporting in the natural disaster context.

Broad strokes: the METRO-2 format already contains codes (AW) related to consumers impacted by natural disasters, but are those codes sufficient in the COVID-19 environment? And when may (must?) they be used by the collection and servicing industries?

These are tough questions and–as Glenn explained–might be about to get tougher. But Katy makes it look easy in her way as she deftly explains the proper application of the AW in this context.

This is a much watch folks. Its brilliant stuff. You can check it out by clicking the picture below.


Also, I know the big secret launch of our new secret website is not really much of a secret anymore… but I still can’t talk about it just yet. Let’s just say it is going to be BIG. Like


And for TCPAWorld denizens that want to go back to just seeing TCPA content here… don’t worry my friends. The days of housing all this great consumer privacy world content are just about behind us-and then we’ll be back to our laser focus on the world of the TCPA and telecom.

Much love TCPAWorld.

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