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SpendEdge’s Supply Chain Mapping Solution Helped a Chemical Manufacturer to Reduce Transportation Costs by 15% – Request a Free Demo to Access Reports Across 100+ Categories

LONDON–()–SpendEdge, a leading provider of procurement market intelligence solutions, has announced the completion of their latest success story on identifying key logistics savings and reducing transportation costs by 15% for a chemical manufacturer.

The case study offers detailed insights into how SpendEdge’s supply chain mapping solution helped a company in the chemical industry to identify six logistics savings opportunity levers and reduce transportation costs by 15%.

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Business Challenges: A chemical manufacturer was spending over $50 million annually to transport their goods across the US and Canada. They lacked strategies and insights required to optimize routes. They wanted to develop an effective shipping strategy and identify suppliers to bring costs under control, improve their transportation efficiency, and realize significant savings.

Companies in the chemical manufacturing industry need to address existing transportation issues to realize full benefits of increased production and reduce expenditures,” says Srinivas R, Procurement Manager at SpendEdge.

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SpendEdge’s supply chain mapping solution helped the client to:

  • Develop monthly plans and perform in-month ‘what-if analysis’.
  • Identify six logistics savings opportunity levers and reduce its transportation costs by 15%.
  • Improve supply chain planning capabilities beyond transportation.
  • SpendEdge’s solutions help leading chemical companies with detailed insights into different categories to optimize routes and reduce transportation costs. Wonder how? Request a free proposal to access our solution portfolio.

Outcome: The supply chain mapping solution offered by our experts helped the chemical company to analyze the current state of the supply chain against leading practices and calculate potential savings of a transformation. They were able to balance supply and demand and improve route selection based on the lowest transportation cost. The solution offered enabled the client to redesign future processes that covered end-to-end solutions and optimize shipping routes for any unprecedented risks.

To gain detailed insights into the supply chain mapping solution offered by our experts to the chemical company, request more information.

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