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LONDON–()–SpendEdge, a leading provider of procurement market intelligence solutions, has announced the completion of their latest article on the top challenges for the supply chain management.

Supply chain management is imperative for companies to save costs and enhance customer delight while offering better services. It streamlines logistics and warehousing apart from optimizing the inventory cost. However, CPOs face different roadblocks in developing an effective supply chain management strategy. The volume and complexity of transactions further add to the woes of the managers.

At SpendEdge, we understand the challenges supply chain managers face while managing the supply chain. Therefore, we have highlighted the top challenges for the supply chain management.

Top Challenges for Supply Chain Management

Customer demand

Costumers nowadays are difficult to understand as they want products at a good price. Some consumers prefer waiting for a good deal while others pay a premium to procure immediately. This makes it difficult for managers to manage differing priorities across the supply chain. They face a trade-off between cost, quality, and time.

Managing the supply chain can be an arduous task due to changing customer preferences. Book a free demo to access our smart procurement solutions.

Demand unpredictability

The number of factors contributing to demand fluctuations has increased manifold. This has made demand forecasting a complex task despite the introduction of sophisticated forecasting models. An efficient supply chain management system depends on accurate demand forecasting. Deviations in the forecast can impact the supply chain planning system. To reap the benefits of demand forecasting solutions, reach out to our experts now!

Inventory management

Companies often stock a variety of products and SKU’s that are recorded in a supply chain management system. Any discrepancy in actual stock versus recorded stock can lead to losses for companies. Also, forecasting the optimal stock level can be a major challenge for companies while improving supply chain management due to market unpredictability.

To know in detail about the complete steps involved in the supply chain management process, read the complete article here!

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