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Small Business Supply Chain Strategy – Atlanta


Our state-of-the art SMALL BUSINESS SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGY course is designed for small businesses with limited back office resources. ​It is well known that supply chain management is an integral part of all businesses and is essential to company success and customer satisfaction. This SMALL BUSINESS SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGY 2-day course will help you crystallize and address overlooked supply chain opportunities, overcome existing challenges and develop an effective action plan. Even if your business only employs 1-5 people, there are untapped opportunities within your supply chain that are normally never realized without the outside help of an expert.

This course provides the foundational-level knowledge needed for the management of a small business supply chain. You will learn the basic concepts of developing and implementing analytic tools, calculated strategies, and techniques used in the design and operation of integrated supply chains. The material is taught from a small business perspective, with an emphasis on where and how specific methodologies, can be utilized to enhance the overall performance, reduce the final cost of a supply chain, do business with governmental entities and large corporations.

The lack of supply chain knowledge creates a serious disadvantage for small business owners. Channels of opportunities are being lost through an ineffective supply chain. Small businesses must make better use of their supply chain to reduce costs and increase profits.

Courses like this should not be reserved for big businesses only, but embraced by small businesses as well.

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