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Sigmaintell`s NewTechs Explore: Gaming Monitor Market and Supply Chain Research Report

With the rapid development of the global game industry and the e-sports industry, the gaming market has become an important emerging market for the current monitor industry. As a mid-to-high-end display application, gaming is different from other display technology contexts. It integrates game content and panel technology development trends, supply chain appeals, brand will, and overall market demand.

It injects development vitality into the monitor market which has suffered many challenges.

Based on research on the demographic structure of the Chinese gaming population, Sigmaintell found that the majority of Chinese PC game users are mainly mature players over 26 years old, and grew up with the development of China’s online game culture. In terms of career, mainly white-collar workers, with a monthly income of more than 6,000 RMB, there are economic surpluses to support their use of online games. They are not only economically capable, but also invest a lot in online games in terms of time and emotion, and are willing to spend money/spend time/effort for online games.

Based on the research on the consumer preferences and consumption behaviors of the gaming monitor population, Sigmaintell points that the development trends of the gaming monitor market can be divided into three aspects: first, the market trend should be dominated by structural upgrades, and not blindly promote low-cost strategies. Second, there are two basic directions for product demand. One is the integrated gaming monitor, which takes into account functions such as gaming and audio-visual entertainment/home office. The second is professional gaming monitors, featuring the ultimate gaming functions. Third, the product specifications revolve around parameters such as fast response time, high resolution, high frequency rate, high color gamut, and ultra-wide screen, which can lay out corresponding product planning and upgrade strategies.

Under the combined influence of game content,graphics card manufacturers,panel manufacturers,brand manufacturers,and terminal market strategy, in addition to the continued expansion of the market scale, the gaming monitor market will also be obvious in the direction of IPS gaming, high frequency rate, HDR, etc.. It is expected that the proportion of IPS in the panel & set market will increase steadily. It is expected that the development of high frequency rate will be accelerated. It is expected that the HDR market will undergo differentiated development due to technical parameters.

Internet technology and applications have reached all aspects of human life. The virtualization and electronicization of leisure and entertainment have laid the reality and future of the vigorous development of the online game industry. In 2019, the development scale of the game industry and e-sports industry has reached a new high. The subdivision technology, software and content services driven by the upgrade of game content and game hardware standards have generated new concerns for gamers, such as HDR400+, narrow Borders, high color gamut, eye protection, and optional game modes.

The innovation of game content is synchronized with the technical development of gaming GPU. The current technical route of gaming GPU mainly has three directions, namely adaptive synchronization technology, ray tracing technology and HDR technology. Among them, adaptive synchronization technology is a technology direction that has been accepted and mature by the market and users, while ray tracing technology and HDR technology are the technology directions that will continue to advance and cause market innovation in the future.

Under the influence of the two driving forces of game content and GPU technology, the technological upgrading of the gaming monitor industry will also accelerate. In the future, focusing on the two core specs of frequency rate and response time, taking resolution, color gamut, synch, power consumption,and HDR into consideration, the structure of the gaming monitor panel and set market will change significantly.

This report relies on the gaming industry and the monitor industry, conducts a special survey on the Chinese monitor game users, analyzes and predicts the technical development of gaming monitor and the layout of upstream and downstream industries.

Game users’ recognition of gaming monitor specifications

Sourcing: Sigmaintell

According to Sigmaintell, global gaming monitor panel and set market will continue to grow. It is expected that the global gaming monitor panel shipments will reach 15.6 million in 2020. And global set shipments can reach 11.5 million.

The proportion of IPS gaming will increase steadily. In 2020, the proportion of IPS panels in the global gaming monitor panel market will reach 30%, and the proportion in the global gaming monitor set market can reach 22%.

It is expected that the proportion of 165Hz and 240Hz in the gaming monitor market will gradually increase, and the climb rate of 165Hz will be faster.

According to Sigmaintell cost research model, the profit performance of HDR in the current gaming monitor market is as follows: the profit rate of HDR600 machine is higher than HDR400, and HDR400 is higher than ordinary. The development trend is: HDR400 is the main force, HDR600 has great growth potential, and the growth rate of HDR1000 depends on the development speed of MiniLED and OLED applications in the monitor market. 

Here is the contents:

Gaming contents

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