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SIBM Bengaluru- A Melting Pot Of Diversity

India, 21st January 2022: The workplace of the future belongs to a multicultural, multi-linguistic, and multidisciplinary workforce. Organizations today are embracing diversity for the benefit it brings to innovation, creativity, and high performance. SIBM Bengaluru has been a forerunner in promoting diversity among its students. It strives to draw students from diverse ethnic, linguistic, cultural and social, backgrounds. SIBM-B believes that students with different worldviews can bring in fresh perspectives, shape ideas, and challenge stereotypes. Having a diverse student profile facilitates healthy discussions, tolerance towards alternative views, and mutual respect. In terms of academic outcomes, diversity promotes the ability to look at issues and problems from varying perspectives.

While diversity brings tremendous value to the learning experience, it also helps us align with the larger corporate culture. Diversity, whether with respect to gender, ethnicity or culture, is a value that organizations are increasingly embracing. When diversity starts from the classroom it helps groom open-minded, collaborative, empathetic, and transformational leaders who can effortlessly assimilate in the modern workplace. 

At SIBM Bengaluru we also understand that diversity is an interconnected concept. We ensure diversity in our programs and curriculum which in turn has fostered a diverse student ecosystem. In terms of program offerings, SIBM Bengaluru has introduced two new niche courses – MBA in Business Analytics and Quantitative Finance, in addition to the core MBA program. Business Analytics includes digital transformation, data warehousing, e-commerce, HR analytics, and Business forecasting. While Quantitative Finance deals with subjects like financial markets, econometrics, mergers & acquisitions, risk management, and portfolio management. Adding these two specializations has helped SIBM Bengaluru in attracting students from various walks of life and has further contributed to the diversity of our students.

In terms of student background, SIBM Bengaluru presents an interesting motley of engineering, science, social sciences, arts, and more. For example, 51% of the batch had an engineering background, 25% of the students had a Commerce background, 8% had a management background, and 7% had a science background. The remaining are from arts, medical and other professional streams. The class of 2021-23, has a reasonably good male-female ratio. Such a diverse environment helps in peer-to-peer learning as well as in strong student engagement. The value addition that comes from diverse perspectives truly sets the student on the path to become a ‘global citizen’.

A typical class is a combination of freshers and experienced professionals. While 65% of the batch are freshers, the remaining 35% come with work experience in diverse profiles such as Software Engineers, Operations Executives, Digital Marketing Executives, Dentists, Finance Assistants, and HR Executives. 

In summary, SIBM Bengaluru provides an enriching learning environment for every individual to discover her/his own path in professional as well as personal life. But it is the exposure to multiple perspectives, values, and shared experiences that transcends the learning experience to something truly transformational and sets students on the path to become successful and empathetic business leaders as well as good citizens in an increasingly complex society.

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