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Seek lasting solutions to natural disasters | Letters


The heavy rains that pelted the island for a few weeks have caused serious damage to some of the country’s infrastructure. There has also been a loss of two lives due to land slippage. Quite ostensibly, the natural disaster has engendered both economic and human losses.

In light of the destructions caused by the rains, some people are creating a picture of governmental culpability. I hasten to state, therefore, that playing the blame game is not useful. It is better for us to seek lasting solutions to the problem of natural disasters. So, I suggest that:

• We become educated on the dangers of natural disasters and how we can avoid exacerbating this problem.

• We should not build houses in flood-prone areas. Again, the Government should not allow such structures. Where such architectural outfits exist, the Government should enforce mandatory evacuation.

It is pertinent to state that apart from the human cost of natural disasters, huge economic losses resulting from them set us back and make economic prosperity become a mirage.


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